Building Your Reputation At the Restaurants

For new drivers, this can be the difference between having this be a really fun job, or miserable. What you have to first understand is this is a huge pain for the employees, and even management. They don’t get one extra dime because of DoorDash.

In fact, if it’s dine-in, such Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, etc… the waitstaff is used to being tipped for to-go orders. Now they have to bag everything and get nothing. It’s just better if you can put yourself in their shoes.

It’s human nature when you’re an hourly wage worker to get upset as you get busier and busier. The mentality is “I’m now working harder for the same amount of money.” Before delivery companies like DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats….when it was slow, it was a bit of a break. Now, in some cases, orders are always coming in. It’s a larger issue when delivery orders are coming in and they’re already swamped.

Now…here comes a delivery driver who only makes money when they’re delivering food, not waiting in restaurants. They come up to you, throw the phone in your face, and get a “this is stupid” look on their face when you say it’s not ready. Then they sit and stare down the staff until the order’s ready.

Guess how you feel when you see that same driver again?

Let it be known that certain managers have flat out told me that they mess with the drivers they don’t like by putting their order at the end. Others, if they don’t like the driver, will make sure they don’t get the food until the pick-up time stated on the app.

You can turn the tables. Be nice – funny – personable – understanding. Compliment them. I had one manager say “this is really jamming us up.” My response was “well, everyone loves your food, that’s the issue.” I got a nice smile.

When they get to know you, and you’re upbeat and relaxed, you’ll find all kinds of good stuff starts to happen. They may actually work on your order faster. You may get free drinks while you wait and you’ll definitely get a smile every time you come back.

If the pick-up time is 15 minutes from now, and they like you, and it’s a bit slow, they’ll try to get it to you as fast as they can. It matters.