You ratings will start from your first delivery. While you have four different ratings, only two matter with respect to getting deactivated.


This is measured on a 5.0 scale, with 5 being the highest. You are subject to being deactivated if this rating falls below 4.2.

This score is not based on your last 100 deliveries, but the last 100 customers who rated you.

The customer rates both you and the food but they are separate ratings. Only the driver rating matters.

Note: Only customers who have received the order can rate you (and they have 30 days to leave a rating.) Customers who have not received the order cannot rate, so if you unassign or mark the customer as not available, they cannot leave a rating.


This is the percentage of offers you accepted out of the last 100 deliveries. This rating has no affect on any aspect of being a dasher. My acceptance rate is 30% and I get a lot of orders. You are in no way penalized for having a low acceptance rating. With that said, you need to maintain a rating of 80% or higher in order to qualify for Drive orders. (Drive orders are catering.)


You are subject to being deactivated if this rate falls below 70%. This is the rate of all orders that you accepted, out of the last 100, but didn’t complete due to either clicking unassign, or telling support that you cannot complete the order.

Your completion rate isn’t affected if the restaurant is closed, your red card is declined, the customer changes the address to a location you’re unwilling to go to, the customer cancels or DoorDash cancels. If all of these cases, please make sure you do not unassign. You must go through the proper support steps.


This is the percentage of deliveries, out of the last 100, where you arrived at the customer’s address by the time stated on the app. This stat has no effect on working with DoorDash so please do not stress about getting to the address at the stated time. It’s not worth a ticket or accident.