To Accept or Decline

If you’re new, it’s important to know that your acceptance rate doesn’t matter. I’m at 28% and orders come flying in.

But when you’re new, how do you know what to accept and what to decline? Well, for my advice to work, your area needs to be busy. The less busy you are, the less picky you’ll be. Since I’m very busy in my areas, this is my thought process:

(Note: this is when peak pay is not offered.)

1) $1 per mile minimum. I’m not taking $6 for 9 miles, $4 for 6 miles or $9 for 12 miles. I don’t mind low paying offers, so $4.50 for 1.5 miles is fine, but I really try to stay with offers $6 and more.

2) 6 to 7 miles total distance maximum. That’s from my location to the restaurant to the customer’s address. I need to get in two deliveries per hour, minimum. That can’t happen if I’m taking 8+ mile orders.

3) What time is it? I might decline that click-fi-a $5 order for 3 miles if it’s at 12pm, knowing that my local click-fil-a is a total zoo at that time. If it 6pm and it’s Buffalo Wild Wings? In my area, that’s a 30+ minute wait.

4) Number of items when I have to place the order. $7 for McDonalds but it’s 22 items? That’s likey a decline. I like 10 items and under.

5) Knowing your roads and time of day. There are certain roads that turn into parking lots during rush hour. I’m talking, 20 to 25 minutes to go 3 miles. I’m not taking anything where I’d have to take those roads. Case in point for my area, there’s a high school that lets out at 4pm and a ton of apartments on that same road. But the police shut that road down to let the buses out and the back-up is miles. If that’s where the customer lives – decline.

The whole point when it’s busy if you need at least 2 deliveries per hour. That means from the time you accept to the time you deliver, it needs to be no more than 25 minutes. So that’s the math you need to run in your head everytime you get an offer.