When To Unassign an Order

Starting this off, you should not be unassigning too many orders. My completion rate is 94%, meaning I’ve only unassigned 6 out of the last 100 deliveries. It’s a poor customer experience. The customer gets a notification that the driver has accepted the order and is on the way to the restaurant, or arrived at the restaurant, then they get notified that you’re no longer the driver and DoorDash has to find another driver. In the meantime, the restaurant’s making the food. If no one else picks it up, the restaurant has the eat the cost.

You are also subject by being deactivated if your completion rate falls below 70%. I expect to wait at the restaurants, 5, 10, 15 minutes. I’d rather deliver hot food.

With that being said, there are definitely times when you should unassign:

1) You clicked accept by mistake and it’s definitely an order you don’t want. This is why I always pull over if I’m driving so I can spend some time reviewing it.

2) You arrive at the restaurant and they tell you it’ll be longer than 30 minutes. That’s my threshold for waiting for food. I’ve had a few restaurants tell me it would be about an hour. In fact, if I have to place the order and it’s a dine-in restaurant, I ask for the approximate wait time before I place it. I don’t mind placing fast food orders, but I don’t feel we should be placing dine-in orders. As an example, my local Mellow Mushroom….went to place an order on a Saturday night, they said it would be 45 to 50 minutes. That’s a firm no.

3) You haven’t received the food yet, but the customer is demeaning or rude. I’ve only had this happen to me twice; very rude and upset customers when I contact them from the restaurant. I’m not risking a 1 star rating and quite frankly, no one is going to treat me in a rude manner. (Note for the ladies, I’d expect you to unassign if a male customer is texting you anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable, then report that customer to DD.)

4) Car issues or personal emergency. You can unassign from the app if you haven’t received the food, but even when you have the order, if you have an emergency you can contact support and have it unassigned.

5) Wrong address and the new address is too far. This has only happened to me once. The customer texted that the address is wrong and gave me the new one. It was 10 miles away. I unassigned. Now, in this situation, I could also open a chat with support, let them know the address has been changed and it’s too far. They’ll first offer me more money, but not much – maybe an extra $2 or $3. If I decline that, they would cancel the order, I’d get half pay and it wouldn’t count against my completion ratings. In this particular case, I tried that and was 53rd in chat queue. Time is money so I unassigned.

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